Friday, April 21, 2006

666 Billboards

Black billboards and sky banners with the message "6 + 6 + 06: You Have Been Warned" and "6 + 6 + 06: The Signs Are All Around You" have been popping up in major cities (see a photo here), freaking people out. A woman in Daytona Beach phoned the FBI after seeing one. I don't think I'd react as strongly, since I grew up in Mennonite country with hand-lettered "GOD IS NOT MOCKED" signs planted in fields, but I can understand the unease.
I also understand that this is probably a promotional campaign for the remake of The Omen, which will be released - you got it - June 6. It stars Liev Schrieber and Julia Stiles. See the trailer here.
Incidentally, Brian Flemming's feature film The Beast ( will also be released on this date. Flemming's documentary The God Who Wasn't There ( poses the theory that Christ didn't exist, period. I've seen it and will post a review soon.


FreeThinker said...

Did you notice that these billboards have upside-down crosses instead of plus signs?

SME said...

I hadn't noticed that...but I bet people on the highway did.

Anonymous said...

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