Saturday, October 21, 2006

Government Satanism mockumentary

I found on YouTube a trailer for a documentary (or mockumentary) called "The Brandon Corey Story", produced by something called TruthSeeker TV (watch it here).
Brandon Corey was supposedly a researcher who uncovered Dick Cheney's ties to Satanism. The trailer features David Icke giving advice to Corey, promises of Bohemian Grove footage, and hints that a man mysteriously vanished after investigating these things. I assume it's a mockumentary, but I don't have the time to look into this, as I'm working on several other projects at the moment. If anyone has information on Brandon Corey or TruthSeeker TV, let me know.

Update: Numerous bloggers have proven The Brandon Corey Story to be a mockumentary; none of the people or events mentioned in the film actually existed or occurred. Most of the film's viewers had already reached that conclusion, if their forum comments are any indication, but there are a few hardcore Reptilian-agenda believers out there who aren't so willing to let this go...

On the Noble Realms forum, "Defender 123" wrote: "Yes it is a hoax, however, I do feel it is trying to bring certain things to light, such as Bohemian Grove. And the Satanism thing. "

"Busta" at Warrior Matrix , in the thread "Are Reptilians real?" wrote: "It has to be seen for what it is - a movie - but one based on fact. "

And Jeff Wells, on his blog Rigorous Intuition, acknowledges the film is a hoax but describes it as, "a slick piece of disinfotainment that exploits our authentic apprehensions by fabricating evidence upon legitimate suspicions". [emphasis mine]

The mockumentary follows (fictional) millionaire investigator Brandon Corey as he infiltrates a Reptilian Satanic ceremony conducted in an underground chamber at Bohemian Grove. He is caught and, as punishment, two of his fingers are removed.

The film is marketed as "the film Dick Cheney doesn't want you to see." A promotional blurb from David Icke comments that if the film is real, it proves everything he's been saying for the past 15 years.

Sadly, I think the film is "proving" many of his assertions about Reptilian alien overlords and Satanic sacrifice even without being real. As with The Death of the President, the lines between fiction and fantasy have been blurred to a point where popular assumptions about reality virtually become real. Just as people are saying, "Sure, the Bush administration hasn't framed a Syrian for any assassination....but they would if they got the chance", people who have viewed The Brandon Corey Story are saying, "Sure, Dick Cheney hasn't been seen drinking human blood or morphing into a huge lizard-like beast that worships Satan...but he will be, sooner or later."

I'm also concerned that films like this will encourage further infiltrations (read: trespassing) of Bohemian Grove, possibly resulting in violence. It seems that no matter how many times former employees of the Grove speak out, insisting nothing occultic is happening in those woods, people will continue to believe it's a Devil's Playground.


Anonymous said...

The video was removed from u tube

mentalarmory said...

This video is not a hoax...the website for the DVD clearly states it's FICTION. This isn't disinformation or a hoax, it's purely for entertainment.