Saturday, July 05, 2008

Satanic Democrats, Innocent People, or Just Plain Ol' Criminals?

A North Carolina couple have been charged with allegedly confining people to dog cages in their home, raping a woman, and beating a man in 2007 and earlier this year. A third woman has been charged with being an accessory after the fact (allegedly removing evidence from the home). [1]

Only two details make this story stand out from your average, pervy Fred West-type horror stories:

1. 30-year-old Joy Johnson is third vice chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party. The alleged kidnapping/torture supposedly took place in the home she shares with her husband, 25-year-old Joseph Scott Craig. And the third person to be arrested, 44-year-old Diana Palmer, is first vice chairwoman of the Durham Country Democratic Party. [1]

The Raleigh Now newsletter reported in 2003 that Joy Johnson was a member of the Iraq Peace Team.

2. Prosecutors in the case have already linked the alleged crimes to Satanic rituals. Mr. Craig's attorney does admit that he has an "occult hobby" (magick and New Age beliefs, explained on their now-defunct website Indigo Dawn Inc.) but points out that he is also a practicing Christian. [2]

Rob Waters of The Durham News wisely pointed out that among rape, kidnapping, torture, and Satanism, only three of the activities are crimes.

I have little doubt that this story will be exploited by partisans. "See, Democrats are Satanic pervs!" Or "The Republicans framed them." One blogger has already disparagingly linked the alleged Satanism and violence to Johnson's work with the Iraq Peace Team.

1. The Charlotte Observer. July 3, 2008
2. NBC17 report. July 4, 2008


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