Saturday, December 05, 2009


Amanda Knox and her boyfriend have been convicted.


Anonymous said...

S.M. Elliott said...

Coulter doing her thing: Sounding off on something she barely understands. If she had actually watched the TV programs she complains about, she'd at least know that the handling and testing of forensic evidence in the case was dodgy at best. If she had dug below the surface of news reports, she might have realized that Amanda's confession bore all the earmarks of a false one, and that the prosecutor's theories of the case were unsupported by the evidence - they came straight from his imagination.

Note that Coulter mentioned nothing about prosecutor Magnini and his bizarre unsupported theories about Satanic orgies, nothing about the real killer who has been in jail for months, nothing about the reality of false confessions and how very easy it is for some authorities to get innocent people to confess and implicate others with threats, intimidation, and lies. The Norfolk four. The Central Park six.

Amanda's confession didn't ring true. But the killer's first story did. Rudy Guede was admittedly at the scene, and in his initial interrogations he always said he was alone. When Magnini et al decided that Amanda and her boyfriend and maybe her boss had to be involved, he suddenly began naming them.

I suspect Amanda pointed to her boss because she KNEW he had a rock-solid alibi, and figured that would cast her whole story into doubt and make the investigators realize she hadn't really been involved in the crime.