Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Some anti-occult nonsense

  • After their failed bid to cast their daughter as the girl martyr of Columbine, the parents of Cassie Bernall are now giving public addresses in which they describe their daughter as a Satanic would-be murderer (because she wrote angry study hall letters and had some "occult" stuff in her bedroom). I don't quite understand how disparaging their murdered daughter will accomplish...well, anything.
  • A very strange anti-occult site called Satan's Fake Apocalypse asks some very strange questions, like "Criss Angel: Black Magician or Illusionist?" (is this where Sheldon got his info?), and "Was Bertrand Russell Possessed?". Other articles include "Programming Kids for Satanism with Video Games", "SRA: the appalling and pervasive reality hidden in plain sight", and "Demonic possession: sociopathy on steroids". A blog post by the same person asserts that kidnapping-for-ransom victim Eduardo Valesca was probably abducted by Satanists. Something to do with Satanists controlling the real estate market, and the "fact" that letters usually featured on maps of Mexico convert to the number sequence 9969, which translates to 666 if you remove a 9 and invert the others (without inverting the 6). This person believes his former housemates were ritualistically torturing him with sleep deprivation because they belonged to a Lucis Trust offshoot known as Triangles, which he read about in one of the Satanic panic pamphlets Lyndon LaRouche's organization cranked out in the '80s. Evidence for this plot included triangular decals on one roomie's vehicle, a bag of Mission Triangle tortilla chips left on a countertop, and a secret code employed on Lucis Trust websites. He "translated" these websites, "which was one of the more mentally draining efforts of my life because they were deliberately written to be highly ambiguous".


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My friends in government tell me that their managers or bosses are into occult rituals...I read and hear that at least 20 people have died suspiciously over the Franklin case...which might have links to the Presidio and European circles, centered ed near the mother of darkness castle, which ends up in sexual blackmail, which is smart and convenient, at least in the eyes of the mafioso type outfits who profit from pain. Did you ever speak to senator DeCamp?

Anonymous said...

if our children our at risk, then a more objective mind set is needed, otherwise, flippant aspects will be blogged about, while, a debunking attitude will ensure that our children will be taken in the night.

SME said...

I haven't yet spoken to Mr. DeCamp, and don't know what to make of the Franklin business. It's very complex.

I wouldn't worry about government employees taking part in "occult rituals", particularly if we don't know what "occult" means in this instance. Some people would consider yoga or feng shui to be "occult rituals".
Let us not forget that "occult" crime is not any worse (nor any more common) than Christian crime, atheist crime, etc. Crime is crime. Child abuse and kidnapping are atrocious crimes no matter who commits them. I see no value in bringing religious discrimination into the picture, trying to decide if occultists commit more crimes than people of other faiths.

Anonymous said...

The occult rituals involved "incantations"...I wasn't trying to lump certain religious groups into a criminal basket, I didnt mean that.

With 20 dead bodies involved in the Franklin scandal, its obvious to me: banker Larry King -and other hi ups in finance /govt. Dyncorp., etc. - run child kidnap rings, and sometimes the victims are killed.

If 40 people died in the unfolding of the story, would that be enough to convince you? At what point would our children become a bit more safe?

SME said...

I don't know if deaths linked to a scandal are really proof of anything. Sometimes people with only the most tenuous connections to an event are thrown in to boost a particular theory. Remember the Clinton Body Count? Or the Dead Microbiologists, some of whom were barely even microbiologists?

I assume you're the same Anon who wrote, "a debunking attitude will ensure that our children will be taken in the night." This puzzles me, because

A. Children are usually taken in broad daylight, often by people they know/trust.
B. Me personally accepting or not accepting a specific conspiracy allegation or theory doesn't have any effect on the operation of pedophile rings. Like every other reasonable and law-abiding person on the planet, I already believe that anyone participating in such activity should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law IF there is sufficient evidence to prosecute. But focusing too narrowly on cases that are based wholly on rumour, innuendo, questionable allegations, etc., can detract time and attention away from more provable crimes against children - which is exactly what real pedophiles would want.

Anonymous said...

My phrase "in the night" was meant as a device or expression.

I thought dyncorp, the UN, cps, etc. were hazards.

who else?

Sweeping deaths under the rug doesn't refute the Franklin case....open minds should look and see....

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