Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Adopt a Bigot

A friend directed me to the blog of a woman named KC. KC's corner of the 'Net is an all-too-familiar mishmash of New Age health misinformation (railing against the FDA as a criminal organization, urging parents not to have their daughters vaccinated against HPV because only whores need such protection, etc.), anti-gay silliness ("the rainbow stands for God's word, not for perversion"), and these gems of misinformation...

"Satanic sacrifices require Blood of The innocence. Every baby killed during Abortion is a Sacrifice to Satan!"

Now, I oppose infanticide in all it forms, and I believe that abortion is one of them. Life is sacred. But the above statement is, of course, ridiculous. What does this woman know of Satanic sacrifices? How many Satanic rituals has KC attended? Clearly, not a single one - if she had bothered to ask, she would know that "Blood of Innocence" - whatever that could be - is by no means a requirement.

"Satan uses a counterfeit of God's system of identification, luring and tempting God's children to place their faith in man for their safety, sustenance and security by demanding the use of an identification card in all of their social/political/economic interactions with their fellow man." - David Deschesne, Editor, Fort Fairfield Journal

I don't know where Ft. Fairfield is, but it horrifies me that this man is allowed to edit its newspaper. And what, pray tell, is "God's system of identification"? To what card is Mr. Deschesne even referring? Social Security numbers/cards would fit that description, and they don't strike me as terribly Satanic.

Need I add that KC's favorite website is Alex Jones' Prison Planet?

The ignorance prominently displayed by such anti-vaccination, AIDS-denying, gay-bashing, anti-occult, paranoid, misinformed, angry folks is enough to make me cry. But what can be done about it?

Well, this may come to naught in the end, but I suggest adopting a bigot. Find a misinformed soul like KC and kindly, gently, lovingly offer him/her more accurate information to replace the drivel being crammed into his/her brains by zealots and hotheaded conspiranoids. Don't be pushy. Don't be mean-spirited (that's the original problem, remember?). Just...be. Let your light so shine, if you will. Talk to him/her as you would talk to a friend who doesn't have things quite right, but means well.

My adoptee will be KC. I'll keep you updated.

May '08 Update: Though I was unfailingingly polite on KC's blog, and occasionally even agreed with her, she has disabled comments. As my friend and I were the only commenters she had, and my friend agreed with her bizarre views to the point of sychopantism, I wonder if she was just tired of me? Ah, well. I know I didn't make the slightest dent in her bigotry, but at least I tried. I won't be adopting any more bigots. Visiting KC's blog made me feel queasy...


tshsmom said...

That's a BEAUTIFUL plan, and I'm very proud of you!
I don't think I'll be participating though. I get enough head banging moments on a daily basis. :(
WAIT A MINUTE! I already adopted 2 bigots....your grandparents. ;)

SME said...

Yep, that counts. ;D

I don't actually expect to change KC's mind about anything, but I have to try.

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel