Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Word from Alex Constantine, conspiracy researcher

August 27/07: "PS: "Satanic Panic" is one of your many undocumentable (when you get down to it) lies. Been there, done that. You and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation exist to discredit the victims of mind control activity. I exposed the FMSF long ago. You I'm exposing now. Same kettle of fish. Wallow in it. You are a collaborator in crimes aginst children, and don't want to come across as that. Too bad. I see you for what you are. That's what Constantines do. Poison yourself with asparatame, for all I care. It's the innocent that I'm trying to protect. The moles should follow their own advice on aspartame. Where's the libel suit? Haven't I defamed you by labelling you publicly as a mole? No. You deny it indirectly, by suggestion, above, but aren't you angry? I would be. I'd probably threaten to sue. But you take it in stride. Good little mole. I like you, too."

Not only was Mr. Constantine horribly mistaken about my gender (I'm a Canadian housewife, not an American man as he assumed), my source of income (I'm a housewife, not a CIA agent), but he's also dreadfully mistaken about my opinion of the False Memory Syndrom Foundation. I do not approve of this organization and I don't support it any way, nor do I reference the little valuable info that it provides from time to time. Why? The non-profit org was started by an accused child molestor, and his daughter's claims have never been disproven; there is no such thing as "FMS" - it was created by a member of the group, Ralph Underwager, who was later expelled from the group for expressing pro-pedophilia sentiments in a Dutch publication. I believe false memories can and do exist, but these aren't the people to be investigating it.

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