Friday, September 14, 2007

Links Purge


MarsRevealer said...

Hello people. I will have to say this. I wonder if he PROVIDED The FACES OF MARS Images that he supposedly HAS in his possession, to show in his new Book? RCH & I were close until him & I had a falling out because of these Old Yet NEW Faces of Mars!

What am I talking about? What FACES OF MARS??

Now.. I bet your all wondering about these ay?
What des this have to do with Richard Hoagland??

Well, according to my investigation into these images, it seems it is & was RCH who has or had these images to provide Grizzly Adams Productions in the past to be filmed on a video made in 1992-1993!

I discovered.. these new Faces seen on this particular video. I have been investigating this for over a year now.
Alot of meat on the bone also.

Now if what the Producer & screenwriter both suggest is true, then Richard Hoagland has seen & known about more than one Face on Mars & has been keeping them secret. WHY?

Maybe he reveals them in his new book Dark Mission??
I have the audio clips with the people who in thier own words, state these images came from Richard.
he was also supposed to be on the set, with them in his hands.... but that never happened. :evil:

Here is the links to the clips of TESTIMONY & what I feel any & all should ask Hoagland simple questions regarding these images, & his part played in the creation of this video, as well as his knowledge of these images. YOU can raise these questions as it has merit to be asked!!!

You need real player to hear the clips. you do NOT wanna miss this IMPORTANT INFO!!

Then aso here...

The video itself....

Ponder this & ponder that, what the hell does Hoagland KNOW ABOUT ALL THAT???? Ask Him!!! Does he show & tell in his new book?


woohoo7 said...

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